Networks and stakeholders are identified to strengthen the cooperation between Europe and China in the water sector, with a particular focus on research priorities, and expand the collaboration already in place within the China Europe Water Platform.

Information and data on past and ongoing projects between Europe and China on the five focused water challenges is collected in an open access database.

Regular networking and communication activities are promoted to share and develop ideas, proposals and initiatives to foster international cooperation and create business and social opportunities in the water sector between these two areas of the world.

Comparative analysis of European and Chinese technological water innovations is performed to establish inventories of technological solutions available or not in one of the cooperation area or both, or having a future joint development for each of the five project research themes.

Case studies are carried out through a mutual learning process to evaluate the success of existing demonstrations of European technological water innovations implemented in China.

Common strategies and recommendations will be developed to overcome possible institutional, social, economic barriers to the transfer and implementation of new water technologies.

A shared Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for EU-China water cooperation will be elaborated on the basis of a mapping exercise of the water innovations systems in Europe and China and policy dialogue events organized to involve key stakeholders of both parts.

Guest lectures on water innovation at Chinese academic institutions will promote policies and best practices of water conservation and sustainable use.

Webinars will be planned on the five water challenges identifies by the project as research priorities to ease the dialogue between relevant stakeholders of both sides and gather contributions to the elaboration of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

A study tour to offer on-site visits to European water laboratories and infrastructures will be organized for Chinese stakeholders to enable the proactive discussion of techniques and methodologies on water topics of common interest.

Joint participation in major international events such as the annual conference of the China Europe Water Platform will help disseminate project activities and results.

A periodical newsletter is published to inform all possible stakeholders in EU Member States and in China.