The implementation of the project goals is performed through the activities of six work packages:

A survey of existing water related networks fostering the cooperation between Europe and China is focused to identify those able to strengthen the activities of the China Europe Water Platform.

Social network analysis is used to analyze the relationship between networks which can help to strengthen networks.
Involvement of these international networks will be achieved through communication activities and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding whose contents include dissemination of articles, co-branding of publications, co-organization of events, participation in networking conferences.

In PIANO we focus on technological innovations within the water sector. The term “technology” may be defined in very broad ways. For the purpose of PIANO we mean essentially products and processes that modify, optimize, support, are part of, or constitute entirely new treatment technologies, water use technologies, water production technologies, water management technologies, technologies for flood protection or energy production. These products and processes can be innovative by themselves, or can constitute a part of an innovative process.

PIANO has outlined five thematic areas in which technological water innovations shall be identified building on previous activities of the CEWP, which included the active participation of over 150 experts and stakeholders from across the European Union and China. Based on these definitions, WP2 will focus on the identification of technical water innovations that have a potential for application in China in the thematic areas as outlined below.

  • Agricultural water management;
  • Municipal water management;
  • Industrial water management;
  • River basin management;
  • Water for energy;

Furthermore, as PIANO aims at highlighting areas for joint development of technological solutions, PIANO will contribute to the identification of opportunities for future collaboration between Europe and China in developing technological water innovations.

Download WP2 Abstract of Findings.

In China, the market for water innovation is expected to rise significantly over the coming years, driven by increasing societal pressure and three important water pricing policies, strategies and decisions introduced during the past three years in China.

However, barriers can hamper the implementation and replication of technological water innovations. Three types of barriers, each related to an actor group, may be distinguished: Institutional barriers, social barriers and economic barriers.

This work package will facilitate aligned action on water innovation promotion between Europe and China and lay the groundwork for the uptake of the recommendations resulting from the activities performed within WP 2 and WP 3.

Main activities will include:

  • Production of a synthesis report on the best-fit water innovations for implementation, replication and commercialization and insights on how to overcome policy and technical barriers to their successful deployment.
  • Production of targeted policy recommendations and policy dialogues to key European and Chinese stakeholders relevant for innovation development and uptake in EU and China.
  • Knowledge exchange on the research and innovation systems of Europe and China, and gaps and opportunity analysis for improved cooperation
  • Consultations and recommendations made for a Strategic Research and Innovation agenda between Europe and China for water.

Download PIANO Survey

Dissemination and exploitation of the PIANO project results are aimed to ensure that a clear and consistent message is shared with the international community active in the water sector and interested to improve the collaboration between Europe and China in the water domain. The general objective of WP 5 is to raise awareness and interest for the project and disseminate the benefits of the PIANO activities to strengthen the international cooperation in research and innovation applied to the integrated water management, a sector which has relevant economic and societal implications in both areas of this cooperation project: Europe and China.

Many tools and measures are included in the PIANO dissemination and exploitation plan and regular information on all initiatives is provided on this webpage.