This document is conceived to be a forward-looking document that sets out the direction of future collaborative EU-China research and innovation activities in the water sector, with a special and specific attention to the thematic areas identified and focused by this H2020 project: agricultural, municipal, industrial water management, river basin management, water for energy. First of all, the PIANO SRIA builds on strategic agendas of European and international actors in water management and guiding documents of EU and China water-related initiatives, in particular the Water Ten Actions Plan and the 12 th and 13 th Five-Year Plan for economic and social development of People’s Republic of China. Other contributions to the elaboration of the PIANO SRIA were collected through a questionnaire circulated to water experts in China and in Europe addressing the five research areas focused by the PIANO, the main water challenges identified for the joint development of the EU-China cooperation and based on the comprehensive landscaping of technological water innovations carried out before. Further inputs came also from internal and external consultations among experts and relevant stakeholders of both areas of cooperation. The PIANO SRIA aims to support the activities of the China-Europe Water Platform in its research pillar being the reference document for the implementation of further initiatives of joint international cooperation between Europe and China in water innovation and is addressed to researchers, governmental agencies, innovative enterprises and private stakeholders who should combine synergies to strengthen innovation capacity and promote social and economic cooperation in both areas of the world.
The PIANO SRIA focuses on the challenging process of transforming research findings in to practical innovations that can then be developed by businesses into final products with sales and distribution networks and business partnerships with customers.
By identifying needs and priorities in the EU-China cooperation in water innovation, the PIANO SRIA intends to highlight the main opportunities for the development of further collaborative actions engaging public and private partnerships based on the sharing of knowledge and good practices and also contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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