A delegation of the Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences (TAES) and of the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences expressed in April 2017 the desire to visit the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection (Rome) to exchange knowledge and experiences on water quality and river basin management.

Tianjin (or Tiensin) is the third most popolated city of China

The visit took place in Rome at ISPRA’s premises on Friday 26th May 2017.

Dr. Xueqiang LU, research director and deputy director general of TAES, Dr. Yunping Tang, research director and director general of the Environmental Sciences Foundation in Tianjin; Dr. Jingmei Sun, engineering and environmental science professor of Tianjin University; Dr. Meinan Xing, engineering researcher at TAES presented their activities in the water sector and the main challenges to be tackled in China to provide water resources of good quality and in sufficient quantity.

They show interest in the presentations of ISPRA’s activities in the implementation of the EU policies for water and in the research supporting this process.

The PIANO project was also presented with a particular focus on the elaboration of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. The Chinese researchers were invited to fill in the questionnaire compiled to identify priorities in water innovation and provide contributions to this document aimed at improving the cooperation between EU and China in research and innovation applied to water management.